Tenancy deposits – They’ve got attitude

The results of the first major survey into the take-up and attitudes to mandatory Tenancy Deposit Protection since its implementation were announced today (May 29) by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Dealing with TDSRA disputes under TDS rules

Whilst we continue to receive a growing volume of deposit disputes, those stemming from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme for Regulated Agents (TDSRA) are declining as the tenancies it covered are coming to an end

Revised documentation

TDS has now been running successfully for several months. With valuable feedback from members and experience of how TDS has been working for them, we have..

New Publication

TDS L Progress of a dispute ( - 61 KB) has now been written to explain how we will deal with deposit disputes, and in particular what to take into account in deciding..

Landlords and tenants begin to understand deposit protection

Landlords and tenants in the Private Rented Sector have become substantially more aware of Tenancy Deposit Protection during the summer months. Nearly two thirds of all landlords and approaching half of all tenants are now believed to understand the ma...

The Autumn News Bulletin

has all the facts about deposits covered, the numbers of landlords, tenancies and tenants in the Scheme, stemming the first flood and what everyone should know..

Lettings Agents and Corporate Landlords Boost

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme is showing considerable growth in the number of tenancies covered and amount of money that is now safeguarded. The scheme is one of the three government authorised deposit protection schemes. Its core membership is among lett...